Reflections on communicating and visualising climate change scenarios

Screenshot from the Learn Module “Closing the Emissions Gap

Working with Figma feels like being detached from my Mac

ML Creates New Challenges for User Interface Designers

New book: ‘Algorithmen & Zeichen — Beiträge von Frieder Nake zur Gegenwart des Computers’

‘Form follows function’ is a meaningless platitude that professional designers should avoid

Flourishing by Stefanie Weigele

Photo by Simo Räsänen & Tauno Räsänen, CC BY-SA 3.0

Why the camera should always be on during video conferences and online seminars

Hellenistic Theatrical Mask, 4th century BC

Pragmatic reflections on how to teach design online

Empty lecture hall of the design department, FH Potsdam. Photo by Henrik Hagedorn.

Why It Is Important to Understand and Appreciate Historic User Interface Designs. By Boris Müller and Frank Rausch

MacPaint by Apple Computer, 1984 (Source: Wikipedia)

A look at using pen and paper to design innovative data visualization interfaces

Photos by author unless otherwise noted

Boris Müller

Professor for Interaction Design at FH Potsdam, co-director of Urban Complexity Lab | |

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