Making SENSES — a Project Report

Reflections on communicating and visualising climate change scenarios

Screenshot from the Learn Module “Closing the Emissions Gap

What is SENSES all about?

What are climate change scenarios?

How did we start the design process?

Whom were we designing for?

How did we engage the stakeholders?

Stakeholder Workshop at the FHP in early 2020
  • Learn: acquire a general understanding of the fundamental mechanics of climate change scenarios as well as more specific narratives that provide context to specific scenarios.
  • Explore: facilitating self-directed as well as guided exploration of the climate change scenario space.
  • Share: using, reusing, and sharing visualisations and climate scenario data.
SENSES Toolkit

How did we collaborate with climate scientist and stakeholder?

SENSES Scenario Finder
Guided Explore Module (GEM) for the Emissions Gap Learn Module

What can our stakeholders do with the toolkit?

  • Acquire general knowledge on climate change scenarios in the Primer
  • Find out about specific topics in the Learn Modules
  • Get acquainted with selected data points in the Guided Explore Modules (GEMs)
  • Autonomously explore the scenario space
  • Download data and visualisations for personal and professional use

Senses Earth

Fossil Fuel Risks

Power Sector Transformation

Dutch Case Study


SENSES Consortium



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